Sept 7 - First day of school

Full day for all students 1st grade - 3rd grade.  Official school hours are 8:10am-2:30pm.


Kindergarten students will begin at 8:10am and be dismissed at 11:30am.


Pre-K students will will have a staggered schedule:  Last names beginning

with the letters A - H will be in attendance from 9am-10:30am.  Last names beginning with the letters I - Z will be in attendance from 11am-12:30pm.  Parents/Caregivers will remain with the child for the one and one-half hour orientation session.



Sept 8 - Full day of school for grades Kindergarten through 3rd.


All Pre-K students will be in attendance from 8:30am-11:00am.  Parents/Caregivers will not accompany children during this time.


Sept 13 - "Meet the Teacher" -  This event will take place in 2 sessions.  The first session will be held from 5pm-6:30pm.  The second session will be from 6:30pm-8pm.  The same information will be given at both sessions.  This allows for parents to attend more than one grade's presentation.


Sept 14 - 7pm - PTA meeting in the Cafe.


Sept 21-22 - No school - Rosh Hashanah









Oct 9 - No school - Columbus Day


Oct 31 - 8:30am - Halloween Parade